Are You Ready to Transform Your Life and Step Into Your Truest Self?

2022 is a Universal number 6, carrying the energy of self-love, success, and creativity. Learn how to maximize this powerful cosmic energy and transform yourself into the joyful, successful person you were born to be.

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The 2022 Transformation Journal takes you on an expansive journey of personal growth and transformation. Each month introduces a powerful tool to harness energy and set intentions to bring about healing, expanded awareness, and re-connection with inner guidance.

Discover your personal numerology for 2022 and learn how to leverage its influence in the year ahead.

Learn how to create future memories to supercharge your goal setting and visualisations.

Discover your body's unique signals for intuitive guidance and how to read the vibe of unfolding situations in your life.

Follow the Monthly Focus and Positive Actions to implement new habits and patterns for growth and success.

Use the Weekly Insights to dig deeper into subconscious blocks and release old patterns.

Track your progress with Monthly Reflections and re-focus your energy to re-align with your goals.

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Nicole Walters

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Over the space of a few weeks, I feel lighter stronger and more in control of my journey than ever before. Such a valuable and powerful experience that I would recommend to all.

Lee Baldock

Education Professional

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Courtney shares the skills needed to clear and shift energy and help transform your life. I can’t thank her enough for this gift.

Jodi Bradford.

Group Experience Manager

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